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First Aid Restocking

Are your workplace First Aid Kits ready for an emergency?
Do your First Aid Kits have missing items?
Do your First Aid Kits have expired items in them?

OH&S legislation requires workplaces to ensure they have an adequate number of First Aid kits on hand in case of an emergency. St John Ambulance can ensure your workplace First Aid Kits are regularly maintained and fully stocked with our First Aid Kit restocking service.

By engaging St John Ambulance for your restocking needs, one of our experienced Sales and Service Representatives will call out to your workplace and;

  • Check and replenish all First Aid Kits,
  • Update the Workplace OH&S compliance sticker on each visit,
  • Check all defibrillators are in working order and arrange for replacement batteries/pads as needed,
  • Provide on-going support and reminders for when your next service is due,
  • Assess any additional First Aid requirements.

Our Sales & Service Representatives carry a full range of quality assured products and service businesses across the ACT metropolitan area and surrounds. We will ensure that all components within your business’ first Aid kits are up to date and compliant, saving you time, money and ensuring peace of mind. 

Complete the form below for a restocking quote or contact our team if you have additional queries!

Phone: (02) 6282 2399


First Aid Restock Quote